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Today's transport systems are facing massive changes. The boundaries between logistics, mobility, infrastructure and transport are increasingly disappearing, something that is being accelerated by digitisation and decarbonisation. This is spurring the development of new, connected, integrated and multimodal systems and solutions.
With our innovative event formats, we are doing more than following and discussing this radical transformation – we are actively promoting it. 

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Besucher der Hypermotion

Hypermotion Dubai reimagines the transportation and logistics industries

Hypermotion Dubai closed on 4th November 2021 after a three-day debut at the Dubai Exhibition Centre with global experts unveiling blueprints for ‚highways of hope‘ which will change the entire way the world travels and moves goods. The next Hypermotion Dubai will take place in 2023.

RailLog Korea

RailLog Korea: 10th edition in June 2021

Despite the international travel restrictions, RailLog Korea achieved a new visitor record of 21,484 visitors (2019: 20,106). This year, for example, the Spring Conference of the Korean Society of Railways was held in parallel with the fair. 95 exhibitors presented their solutions, including a tram powered by hydrogen fuel cells, a new high-speed train and a new electric bus.

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