The long distances in the world’s largest territorial state place high demands on the quality of trucks (Photo: Shutterstock)
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The commercial vehicle market in Russia

The world’s largest territorial state is an interesting market for commercial vehicles. To the commercial vehicle trade fair Comtrans Moscow, here are the most important figures about the Russian commercial vehicle market.

Russia is on its way to becoming Europe’s largest truck market. After setbacks caused by political crises and the decline in oil prices upon which the country is heavily dependent, the market is now recovering. In the first three quarters of 2018, sales rose slightly by 2.7 per cent. The main beneficiaries of this were of course the foreign manufacturers producing in Russia. Imports of foreign trucks fell significantly in the same period. The largest domestic producer Kamaz also experienced a decrease in sales.

Domestic manufacturers are struggling with Western emissions regulations and export mainly to regions with low emission standards such as North Africa or the Middle East. Management consultancy Deloitte suggests that little impetus can be expected from Russia to produce alternative drives. The country, which tends to have long-distance routes and easy access to natural gas, would have been perfectly suited to gas engines.


The international commercial vehicle exhibition COMTRANS Moscow takes place every two years in Moscow. From 3-7 September 2019, it will focus on topics relating to truck and buses as well as trailers, accessories, service and maintenance at the IEC Crocus Expo.



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