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Automechanika Astana

Figures at a glance: the automotive market in Kazakhstan

In the world’s largest landlocked country in terms of area, individual mobility plays a major role. To do justice to the importance of the local market, Automechanika is organising a trade fair in Kazakhstan for the first time in 2019.

In 2015 and 2016, there was a sharp slump on the Kazakh automotive market. The fall in oil prices and the devaluation of the domestic currency, the tenge, led to a dramatic decline in purchasing power and car sales in the oil-exporting country. But this economic downswing has now passed.

Last but not least, thanks to a scrappage fee for imported cars and a government car loan programme for vehicles manufactured in Kazakhstan, demand started to recover from 2017 onwards. Numerous international car, lorry and bus manufacturers have their vehicles manufactured in the country. The largest Kazakh car manufacturer is AO Asija Awto in Öskemen, which assembles Chevrolet, KIA, Lada and Skoda cars.

Among the most popular new cars in Kazakhstan is Toyota (market share, 2016: 19.2%), which is just ahead of Lada (17.4%). Demand for new cars is concentrated primarily in urban areas. More than half of all car sales in 2016 were in the capital Astana, the largest city in the country, Almaty, and the port city of Atyrau.

Automechanika Astana

Messe Frankfurt supported the KIAE, Kazakhstan International Automotive Expo, a conference with accompanying exhibition, for three years. In 2019, the trade fair company will be holding its first Automechanika in the Central Asian country. In March 2019, international and regional suppliers will present their latest developments in the fields of automotive parts, components and service equipment on 5000 square metres in the capital of Astana. Around 4000 visitors are expected.


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